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Hurricane Protection

Direct Source offers many types and styles of hurricane protection:

Roll Down Shutters

Diresct Source's rolling shutters have been successfully tested to resist hurricane wind loads of up to 150 mph. When closed, the shutters create a physical barrier from high winds and intruders. With Somfy's Chronis RTS timer you can automatically open and close your rolling shutters based on a pre-set time of day or randomly to give the impression of an occupied home. Laboratory tests performed on Direct Source's polyurethane rolling shutters indicate a reduction in noise and thermal insulation, resulting in reduced heating and cooling costs and noise pollution.
Direct Source's motorized rolling shutters not only protect your family and home from hurricanes and threatening weather but also protect your furnishings from fading and damage caused by harmful UV rays. Direct Source's rolling shutters and Somfy RTS motors make it convenient for you to open and close your rolling shutters with a variety of control options, such as hand-held transmitters, wireless wall switches and timers. Automated rolling shutters are dependable and can even be operated manually if a power failure occurs.
Direct Source offers roll down shutter systems which provide complete hurricane protection. These shutters are mounted on the outside, and are custom designed shutter systems that consist of interlocking horizontal, extruded aluminum, double walled slats. The shutter can be easily controlled from the interior or exterior of the structure using a handcrank or electric motor and may be rolled to any desired position. Roll down shutter systems have been approved by all local building codes, and are versatile and adaptable.

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Colonial Shutters

Direct Source's Colonial shutters are custom manufactured and hand assembled in our fabrication shop. They are constructed with heavy gauge aluminum and then powdered coated with your choice of color at our factory. This allows us to dramatically impact the look of your home with an operable shutter that covers the entire window opening and provides hurricane protection. There are optional locking features so that only you can re-enter your home after a storm. 
Direct Source's colonial shutters are weather resistant and will retain their beautiful appearance for years to come. Our Colonial shutter product is a side-hinged, extruded aluminum product. Colonial storm shutters provide a traditional look when open and excellent storm protection and security when closed. We now offer an inside lock system where you only have inside access to close your shutter. Arches, bi-fold and tri-fold are available. Medium sound control, light control and improved insulation from heat and cold when closed. Also when closed Provides MAXIMUM privacy!

Bahama Shutters

Our Bahama and Colonial Storm Shutters present the latest technology in the industry, while maintaining the look of traditional wooden shutters. The storm secure blade profile allows the look of wooden shutters, added light and airflow. This system is easy to operate for quick protection. The blade design affords maximum strength protection, while requiring no solid backing. The Bahama and Colonial shutters are designed to resist hurricane winds of at least 150 miles per hour. These products are custom made of extruded aluminum alloy and stainless hardware and there are no sheet metal parts or Styrofoam fillers used.
The Bahama shutter is top hinged with support arms that provide up to a 60 degree angle. The Bahama shutter works for you full time providing sun, rain, privacy and ventilation in the extended position and full storm protection when in the down and lock position. We now offer an inside lock system where you only have inside access to close your shutter.
Our Bahama and Colonial Shutters are powder coated, in an enviromentally friendly coating. The powder coating system meets the most extreme standards, and provides the best protection. These high performance coatings allow for a long lasting product life. Our shutters are of the highest quality, and there are many colors available.

Storm Panels

Direct Source offers two choices of storm panels: Aluminum and Lexan. These panels are the most economical form of storm protection for both homes and businesses. Storm panels meet South Florida Building Code impact and cyclic pressure test (Dade County Approved). They are the only product engineered for gulf coast residential and commercial building practices. All storm panels can be installed with header and sill or a direct mount, which eliminates the need for upper and lower tracks. Storm panels require minimal storage space and are easier to handle than plywood. Aluminum and Lexan storm panels will not shatter, rust, or corrode, and offer superior strength with a warranty. The Aluminum and Lexan panels are comparable to each other; however, the Lexan are completely clear, and are made out of ultra-light weight materials. Many clients get Aluminum panels with 1 Lexan to let visible light inside. Lexan storm panels provide hurricane protection, however still allowing in light and visability. Easy to install on any existing home or new construction and are easily stacked requiring minimal storage space

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Accordion Shutters

Direct Source also offers Accordion Shutters as another alternative for hurricane protection. The Accordion shutter system can be stored on either or both ends of an opening and can be drawn closed and locked, only to be opened by a key. The systems are designed for installation on sliding glass doors, windows, balconies, glassrooms, or decks. The Accordion shutter has a bent radius track, which allows the shutter to precisely fit even odd shaped balconies. The Accordion shutters have been tested to withstand 150 mph winds and are approved by the Dade County Building Code.

Accordian Shutters

Fabric Shield and Fabric Shield Pull Down Shutters

Direct Source's FABRIC-SHIELD Storm Panels are a highly-effective alternative to steel or aluminum hurricane panels. These PVC coated woven fabric panels are tested to block wind, rain and storm-driven projectiles. Yet FABRIC-SHIELD panels are lightweight, easy-to-handle and translucent, allowing light to enter.

FABRIC-SHIELD Pull-Down Storm Shutters are the newest product in the Fabric-Shield family. This revolutionary new product is designed to cover windows, doors and other home openings to protect against damage caused by wind, rain, and storm-driven projectiles. The patented design of this shutter utilizes an architecturally pleasing 4” square canister and quickly operates by simply pulling the fabric barrier down until it locks in the closed position.

The units are shipped almost fully assembled, allowing for final assembly to be done in just a few minutes, thereby saving significant labor costs.

Storm shutters are perfect for second floor or high-rise applications, since it can be opened and closed from inside the room. Storm Shutters are also perfect for the elderly or disabled, since it requires no lifting, tools, or assembly to deploy before a storm. The fabric panels are UV, mold, and mildew resistant, and can be used as a sunshade all year round.  

Board and Batton Shutters

Direct Source's Aluminum board and batten shutters are a great way to give your home that traditional shuttered look while protecting it from hurricane force winds.  They are powder coat painted any color. Custom built any size. They are held open with a snap system, it requires no hooking or unhooking, just snap in place.

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